The Battlefield Of Zapote

I was on my way to the bank yesterday when I happen to see these statues. I never thought I would find them near my area. This is located in Zapote, Bacoor, Cavite. Between the boundary of Las Pinas City and Bacoor. This landmark is called the Zapote Battlefield.




I forgot that Cavite played a vital role in the Philippine history.

I have realized that I have never been to the Aguinaldo Shrine. I once passed through it but never get to see the whole place. I suddenly had the urge to visit this historical place. It is such a shame that I live in Cavite yet I never visited this treasure that we, Filipinos, should be thankful for.

I organize a day trip to Kawit this coming Sunday with my friends who also live in Cavite.

FYI: Kawit is where the Philippine national flag was first raised and our independence was declared. Also, our first president, Emilio Aguinaldo, lived here.



1. You don’t need to go somewhere else just to find something interesting. Sometimes great views or subjects are just around us. It is just a matter of opening up our eyes to things that are worth recognizing/appreciating.

2. Some travelers(including me), tend to go to the farthest destination just so they can call themselves a wanderer without even considering the place where they live as the best destination. We should be proud of where we came from.

3. You don’t need to spend money to go places. Where you at is worth discovering.

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I have been out on the road for the past four weeks. I seldom get to talk to my family because of my work schedule. I work at night and they have a normal life.


While on the road or by the beach, these are the times when I contemplate on things about my life, my future, and my next destination. And recently, there are things that’s bothering me. I have been traveling spontaneously. No planning, no research, no budgeting, just carrying my backpack to nowhere. I think I need to slow down and plan more before hitting the road.

I think I need a cure. But the cure is still unknown.


So far I have not encountered any serious incidents during my travel but my savings have been used up. I have been told once by my dad to save up. I did for a while but squandered it to give in to my wanderlust need.

Everytime I pack my bags and the moment I ask permission from my family (for formality sake and sign of respect to them) I feel guilty. I always wanted to bring my sister with me when I travel but her responsibility as a mother and at work would not permit.

I have been hearing this phrase from people whenever I return from my trip, “You’re such a rich kid!” I always explain to them that I am not. I came from a very humble family. We live a very simple life. It’s just that to most Filipinos, travel is luxury. Yes, it is luxury if you stay in a hotel and spend a lot of your money just to enjoy your vacation.


Like most backpackers, I travel on a tight budget. I check all the possible means to get to my destination. I find the lowest fare, cheapest accommodation rate, affordable restaurants and anything to save money.

Imagine how could one enjoy the infamous Boracay with just less than Php 5,000 budget for 3 days and 2 nights, all-in? I did! I also went to La Union and enjoyed surfing for 3 days and 2 nights with just Php 3,000 budget.


My point is, when traveling, you need not to spend a fortune to enjoy your vacation. I encourage everyone to try backpacking. If you feel anxious about how to start and you have a lot of what if’s clouding your mind, it means your are sane. But worry no more, every backpacker, I suppose, went through the same anxiety when they started. There are articles, tips available online to help you. Research for it and make that dream come true!

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My Defense On Why I Travel Solo

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of comments from friends and colleagues at work whenever I return from a trip. Be it a short or long trip. And most of the comments are really not favorable. Why am I not surprised? At the very moment I returned from my first backpacking adventure last year I heard almost all of them.

What are the common comments/statements/questions I got?
“Why are you traveling solo?”
“You are such a loner!”
“Are you soul-searching?”
“Aren’t you afraid you might get lost?
“Ang yaman!”
“Are you going through some mid-life crisis?”
Some were even morbid…
“What if you get killed while you’re inside your tent sleeping at night in a remote area?”

Even before I started wandering off, I have read them all from other backpackers. Every single solo traveler who writes their own experiences have their fair-share of this questioning from people who don’t understand.

Caught Unprepared
This is just troubling me lately as to whenever I post a picture or status about my upcoming or recent activity, left and right people would have their own piece and talk as if they know me better and what is really going through my head as I post it. One time, I was asked and caught unprepared. I was not able to answer back instead I just shrug my shoulder

I never get tired of telling people how I love to travel and to try out new adventures. I often recommend to friends to try it themselves and give them a little travel tip. I always tell them to browse through some good articles online about solo backpacking as that’s where I started.

Never Say “Ang Yaman Mo!”
So let me defend myself here. This is what really runs through my brain whenever I plan for a trip.
At first, this disease called “Wanderlust” would create a sense of need for me to go out on the road. The thought of going to a place I’ve never been to before causes a tingling sensation and excites me more. The fact that I don’t have enough money on my pocket adds up a little more excitement.(Don’t ask, I don’t know either). So when people gives the statement “Ang yaman mo naman!”, at the back of my head, I am telling them “Only if you know the amount of money I have on my savings you would beg on your knees and feel sorry you have said those words and would treat me for a lunch.”

Secondly, when I travel, especially when I am solo, that’s the only time I get to enjoy the more as I care less about my activities. I could be lazy and just beach bum or swim the whole day instead of running all over the town to see the other landmarks of the area. I hate it when I have to think of what my company wants to do while traveling. Maybe I am selfish in this manner. But deciding for others are really painstaking and could get you into trouble. That’s why I always rely on my companions when I am with my friends during a group trip. I hate arguments!

Thirdly, I travel because I love seeing new places. I want to discover and learn the way of lives of the locals (if possible). By any means, I try to connect to them. When I have the chance to talk to them I do. I am a shy-type of person and the only time I get to talk to a local is when I need a tour guide. Most of the times during the trek or tour, I talk to them. I ask them maybe a hundred of questions. Even the smallest fact about the place, how they survive with the income they get from their job, etc.

Lastly, I travel because I get to meet a lot of people and eventually became my friends. Since last year when I started backpacking, I met people during my solo trips. I even had a trip to Mt. Pinatubo this year with the ones I met last year in Pagbilao, Quezon. Everytime I’m traveling alone, this is one of the things I look forward to—meeting new friends!

What’s important is you enjoy your vacation and you make the most out of it. When you’re back home you have something to tell your friends and inspire them and make them excited to try it themselves. What I can say is try something where you are comfortable doing and you are enjoying minus the spoilers and negativities!

Have a safe trip!

My mantra: “You don’t need to be rich to travel the world.”


Very timely, as I reached my one year in the company, I received these recognitions. It feels good and fulfilling when you are being recognized at what you’re doing. But I could have been much more happier if I get not just recognition but also a reward. Cash reward that is!

I wasn’t expecting for it since there are so many other employees who are consistently hitting their metrics. Good thing attendance is not a big factor, as I get to the office early inconsistently!

Bad news though, I won’t get an appraisal for renewing my contract as the others do! So, no celebration will happen.

The Dilemma Between iPad and Travel

I have been saving money for a couple of months now to get a new iPad for myself. As a struggling yuppie, saving has been my “Waterloo”. Everytime I have money on my account I would not let the day pass without spending it. I have this philosophy in life: “Don’t mind if you have no penny left for tomorrow as long as you enjoy life in the moment.” I would eat what I want no matter how expensive it is. I lavish on things I want even if I would have to borrow money from my friends until my next payday.

Being online nowadays is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get connected to your family and friends, but beyond that is the very reason why I want to acquire an iPad.

My spanish has been rustic since it has been almost three years the last time I attended my class. I left school at Nivel(Level) 2 when pressure on my previous work pressed me. Since then, I’ve been wanting to go back to school. My classmates who continued the course are already halfway to the end. They’re also using what they’ve learned at school and earning twice my salary. Imagine how much money I could have earned. I would be able to get all the gadgets I want, New iPad, Macbook Air, a DSLR, a waterproof camera, and get to travel around the country and eventually around the world. Also, I really want to help send my cousins to school. I have close relatives in the province who are less fortunate that are about to graduate in high school. I really want to send them to college. (But I have to save for them. I can’t afford to get all these in one payday.)

Last week, I spent my three days off at home doing nothing. The usual tv-internet-sleep-eat boring routine almost killed me. Being a wanderer, I’d rather be exhausted trekking or swimming than just lay on my bed and do nothing. I feel like I’m sick and disabled. So came weekends, I reported to work and the usual less work load bored me so my adventurer ego wants me to plan my next out-of-town trip. Malapascua island in Cebu had been my dream destination since I learned about the cliff diving. The adrenaline rush it would give me has been hunting me even in my dreams(I’m just exaggerating).

I really wanna try this cliff diving at Malapascua Island. One day I surely will.

The want to get to my dream destination has been increasing in the past few days. I could imagine myself on top of the cliff and about to jump with the feeling of excitement and thrill. But I only have a limited resources and I can’t have both. I am caught in the middle here. As the day approaches I have a 50/50 decision for iPad and Malapascua. But come Friday, I will have to decide whether I get an iPad or go to Malapascua.

I might have to settle for a short trip to Pagbilao or Tagaytay to feed my craving for travel. 🙂


In the past three consecutive weeks, I have been doing a spontaneous backpacking trip to different places. My first adventure was in Pagbilao, Quezon. The week after, I went to Baguio with my friends. Then last week, I had a sidetrip to Intramuros in Manila. Right now, as I’m about to get another three days off, I am currently planning for another backpacking adventure. I always have this planning thing a few hours before the trip. And deciding for which place to go to has always been my dilemma. I have plans of going to Corregidor island but the weather in the past few days have been outrageous. So I might pack my things again later for a trip to nowhere! I know, I’m not staying home. I MUST be somewhere on my rest day!

Here’s to more adventure!

Disclaimer Of A Certified Blogger

I am making this entry to give heads up to those who will come across this blog. I want to inform you all that I am NOT a blogger or maybe I’m just a trying hard one. I admit that my lowest grade when in high school was in English (I’m not good at Math either. Because they say, if you’re good at English, then you’re not good at Math or the other way around. Well, that doesn’t work for me. You can tell, right?) You can surely tell that I have a very limited vocabulary in most of my entries. (If you have been reading my blogs) Undeniably, there would be tons of grammar lapses here and there!

But the very reason why I created this blog site is mainly not for grammar lessons but for me to somehow share my (free-flowing)thoughts to everyone. (seriously, Jay?) I am hoping that at least one of my entries could inspire the readers. Or one could learn a lesson or two from it.

I just feel like, I need to write! (seriously not!)

Reasons Why This Blog Exist?

“Negatron vs. Mr. Brightside”

I have this long debate in mind before creating this blog. The “Negatron” side of me is telling me not to create a blog since there’s already millions of blogs and there’s no reason to flood more the internet with non-sense, no brainy articles. He (my negatron ego) told me that I am not good at writing articles. The other side, “Mr. Brightside”, however, is telling me that I should, because I have a lot of things to write about and that I can inspire millions of people with my free-flowing thoughts 🙂 (self-declared). He even told me that I need to create this blog which will focus more on budget traveling.

The Battle continues…

Negatron, of course, had a rebuttal. He said that I won’t make it because I don’t have the luxury of time to waste on this stupid thing since I work eleven hours a day and that there’s nothing there for me. He even made me ask myself, “What’s in it for me?” He reminded me that my lowest grade when I was in high school was in English. He further explain that if I would make a blog written in Filipino, it would limit my readers. The “millions” would be cut down to thousands or lesser. Mr. Brightside wouldn’t let me down. He enumerated more reasons to push my plan to create this blog.

Here’s what Mr. Brightside has to say:
-I won in an essay writing competation when I was in high school (1st place)
-I can always use Google to research on anything so I may sound knowledgeable (pagGoogle-lan ng time).
-This can help me improve my writing skills or I could practice more on writing
-I can brag about my travel adventures to my friends(The yabang side of me–I don’t think this is positive) 🙂
-Those who’s native tounges aren’t Filipino, they can always do the Google Translate or leave a comment to ask other readers or me to translate the non-english words or phrase for them.
-I can use this blog as a credential to my dream job
-I will have another reason to travel and that is to add my adventure into this blog

He enumerated more reasons but I fell asleep… Even in my dreams, he continued enumrating more reasons which inspired me even more. He said that I might meet my future wife here because she will accidentally read one of my inspiring blogs. (wink)

When I woke up, I have this smile on my face and I feel so inspired to write. Immediately, I was able to write a short poem about a place I’ve been dreaming of visiting. And as they say, the rest is history.