What Are Your Travel Necessities?

I am posting this to ask the online travel community about the most common problems you encounter when you travel? Specifically with your travel necessities.

Packing light has been the nightmare of most people who travel. Identifying what you need to bring with you when you travel is very important. I would like to know the usual travel necessities that you bring along with you and what problems have you encountered with it?

Let me share with you mine. I normally use a small sling bag when traveling. And I travel with my iPad most of the times. I use it to upload my photos, search for a place to dine and the must-see spots, and for social media purposes. My problem with it is that it can’t fit to a small sling bag. Another one is that, with my sling bag, it usually get cluttered when I put all my travel necessities like, digital camera, action camera, smart phone, power bank, USB cables, a book  and keys. And it usually causes a ding on my gadgets. I think I should get a sling bag that has several compartments. So, what are your common problems when it comes to your travel necessities? I would love to hear it.


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