Where is gladJAYtor now?

Good day my dear avid readers! (As if I have a lot of readers.)

I would like to say sorry for not updating this blog site for some time. Honestly, I have been busy with few things. I have been surfing, exploring, surfing, working, surfing and a few more surfing sessions. Yes, I am addicted to surfing. I’m still learning a lot of things about surfing. Wait, did I just say surfing, again? Sorry, it’s just all over my system and I couldn’t help ’em. I just added this entry to let you all know that I am still alive. I did not fall off the cliff or died while swimming on the beach alone or get kidnapped by some bandits.


Please do not worry about me or that I might stop exploring because I get addicted to surfing. I still go to places from time to time. I still hike and climb mountains if the waves aren’t surfable (if there is such term). I still dream of going to places that most people would not dare set their foot on. I still crave to swim and discover beaches that aren’t popular and away from the tourists. I am still the same crazy dude who loves cliff jumping and traveling alone. (But  I found some cool friends who do the same stupid things that I love. They are as aggressive, brave and as crazy as I am. Now, most of the times I travel with them. But I will set my own trip to somewhere alone again, soon. I think everyone needs a “me time”.)


Photo credits:  Scher Padilla of http://schergoesplaces.blogspot.com

If you’re wondering, where the hell is gladJAYtor now? The answer is simple, he is just somewhere on his hammock, reading a book or contemplating about life. Or maybe he is watching the news while cursing some politicians (Yes, I do that!) Or maybe he is just somewhere in the happiest place on earth riding the waves.


Thank you for your support. I am happy to see that I still get around 150-200 views a day. Small things that makes me happy. Keep exploring my dear friends!


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