Top 5 Undiscovered Beaches in Luzon

Beat the heat! Let’s go to the beach!

Are you the type of person who hates crowded, overrated and touristy beaches? Do you want to soak yourself in crystal clear water, enjoy the white sand, witness the sunrise and the beautiful sunset, stargazing or watch dazzling fireflies at night? I bet you want to try all these but your next question would be, how much is the budget? My answer is, that would be the least of your concern.

Let me give you my top 5 undiscovered beaches near the capital city of the Philippines.

1. Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas — This has been one of my favorite destinations. I have been to this remote beach in Calatagan. I blogged about it twice and I must share with you that this has been the most viewed entry in my entire blog site.


With only Php1,500 all-in, you can have an overnight stay in this white sand beach. To learn more about this trip you can read my previous blog about Burot beach.

2. Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon — Another hidden paradise in Quezon. This beach is not so accessible, I tell you. But that’s also the reason why this place remains uncrowded and have preserved its beauty. You have to travel for about 5-6 hours to get here. A few transfers from bus to jeepney to tricycle to boat and a bit of trekking. But don’t lose heart, my fellow traveler. Nature-lovers and adventure-seekers love this place.


White sand, pristine water, caving, stargazing and fireflies will live up to your expectations. The most stars I’ve ever seen in my entire life, I’ve seen them here. I was also amazed to see some fireflies at night during my last visit here. Oh, the budget: Php1,500 all-in. That’s for an overnight.


Directions on how to get here? Read my blog about Kwebang Lampas.

3. Sitio Liw-Liwa in San Felipe, Zambales — Going up north, to my most favorite place when it comes to scenery. The country-side view of Zambales has always been what I look forward to. I always sit on the left side window of the bus going north. I always want to see its beauty. Mountains, trees, grass of different shades(it adds drama to the view, I swear!), the sun and everything in between. It always have this cinematic feel. Anyway, Liwliwa is a sitio in San Felipe. If you are not into surfing you would not hear of this place. Not white sand, not as famous as Anawangin Cove but there is something about the place that captured my heart.


How will I explain this? The place is quite small, very laid back life, with people who just love to smile, a clean beach, a secret haven for surfers who hates crowded sea and quiet place. There is something more about the place. I just don’t know how to elaborate but this has already been my favorite place in Zambales. I feel like I’m a local of this place and I think I can stay in Liwliwa for a long time. I just discovered the place last February and I have been there thrice already. I met some new friends who have been inloved with Liwliwa and made this place their every weekend destination since last year, consistently.


Now it’s your turn to discover the place and tell me if you love the place too! How to get there? Read my blog about Liwliwa. Budget is Php1,500 for 2 days and 1night.

4. Nagsasa Cove in Pundaquit, Zambales — I told you I love Zambales! Most beautiful places are not easy to reach. They usually include butt-numbing bus rides, scary-boat rides and trekking. But the place relieves all the muscle pain and little heart attacks you get from boat rides. Yes, you have to deal with rough waves. Not to scare you, but I’m just setting your expectations. But again, the view will make you forget that you are still in the Philippines. No exaggeration. From the rock formations, still water of the river, picturesque view and of course the falls it make you stay a little more in this cove.



Read more about its beauty here.

Budget: Honestly, I did not list down my expenses during my trip to Nagsasa. I was with my friends. I lost track of our expenses. But safe budget would be Php2,000 as the boat rental is kind of pricey plus you have to hire a tour guide if you want to trek to the falls.


5. Cagbalete Island in Quezon — White sand bars would be it’s trademark! I think the whole stretch of the island is white sand. You can trek, swim, kayak, snorkel or just beach bum on this not-so-commercialzed island of Cagbalete.

Budget: Another trip with my friends which means, I don’t list down my expenses. But I’m pretty sure it was not more than Php3,000.



Tips: For this kind trip where in you get yourself exposed to the sun don’t forget to bring your sunblocks/sun screen. It is also advisable that you bring a cap/hat, malong, umbrella(if you’re comfortable that way) or anything to give your head a shade and protection from the sun. Also don’t forget to apply mosquito repellant lotion as these places are home to insects that might cause irritation to your very sensitive skin.

My request: Please ALWAYS keep our beaches clean. Do not throw your trash on the beach or just anywhere. Love them as if you own the place. Let other people experience its beauty.

Keep exploring!

Do you have any questions or comments regarding this article? Feel free to get in touch with me by leaving a comment here or you may send me an email at I’m also on Twitter. Please follow me @gladJAYtor. Also on Instagram, @Traveling_GladJAYtor. Enjoy your trip and keep safe!


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