My Plea To You, My Dear Sagada!

Dear Sagada,

Greetings to your majestic beauty!

I am asking for apology for not visiting you sooner. I have been very busy with my work and have been settling down in my comfort zones in the bays where I can surf. I thought that getting to you will take me forever so I let myself get stoked somewhere near Manila as I only have the weekends to travel. I bet you get jealous because I keep coming to these towns where they cater me waves but with dark sands and no other spots to visit. I heard you bragged to those who visited you that you are far better than these towns I have visited because you offer better water falls, caves, landscapes and other things I won’t find anywhere in the country and in the world. Sagada, you are different!

Again, I am sorry because I did not believe those who have witnessed your beauty. I now have known what people keep talking about. Your grace is far more than what people can put into words as they run out of it and just utter superlatives when describing you. You might have casted a spell on them and now they’ve got enchanted! I would love to experience it myself! How I am dying to feel your breeze on my face, have a splash on your waters. I want to try spelunking on your caves. Take a dip on the waters coming from your falls. And to top it all off, I would want to see those hanging coffins, which you are best known for, with my bare eyes.

I am an adventurous man and I know what I want! I want to witness, feel, experience, and be enchanted with your beauty. No other destinations could offer as much as you can. One destination with full of adventures. I think Gaea once named you her happy place, her favorite place on Earth. The heavens must have poured down its beauty in you and the gods have had once a picnic, nature trekking, swam in your falls and made a summer getaway in your very backyard.

I want to stop dreaming and start marveling at your exquisiteness!


The Traveling GladJAYtor



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