The Battlefield Of Zapote

I was on my way to the bank yesterday when I happen to see these statues. I never thought I would find them near my area. This is located in Zapote, Bacoor, Cavite. Between the boundary of Las Pinas City and Bacoor. This landmark is called the Zapote Battlefield.




I forgot that Cavite played a vital role in the Philippine history.

I have realized that I have never been to the Aguinaldo Shrine. I once passed through it but never get to see the whole place. I suddenly had the urge to visit this historical place. It is such a shame that I live in Cavite yet I never visited this treasure that we, Filipinos, should be thankful for.

I organize a day trip to Kawit this coming Sunday with my friends who also live in Cavite.

FYI: Kawit is where the Philippine national flag was first raised and our independence was declared. Also, our first president, Emilio Aguinaldo, lived here.



1. You don’t need to go somewhere else just to find something interesting. Sometimes great views or subjects are just around us. It is just a matter of opening up our eyes to things that are worth recognizing/appreciating.

2. Some travelers(including me), tend to go to the farthest destination just so they can call themselves a wanderer without even considering the place where they live as the best destination. We should be proud of where we came from.

3. You don’t need to spend money to go places. Where you at is worth discovering.

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One thought on “The Battlefield Of Zapote

  1. I’m wondering if you were able to find the name of the 3 women in one of the monuments. I need the name but i cant find them anywhere near the monument. I also asked around in the barangay halls ans no one can give me their names.

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