I have been out on the road for the past four weeks. I seldom get to talk to my family because of my work schedule. I work at night and they have a normal life.


While on the road or by the beach, these are the times when I contemplate on things about my life, my future, and my next destination. And recently, there are things that’s bothering me. I have been traveling spontaneously. No planning, no research, no budgeting, just carrying my backpack to nowhere. I think I need to slow down and plan more before hitting the road.

I think I need a cure. But the cure is still unknown.


So far I have not encountered any serious incidents during my travel but my savings have been used up. I have been told once by my dad to save up. I did for a while but squandered it to give in to my wanderlust need.

Everytime I pack my bags and the moment I ask permission from my family (for formality sake and sign of respect to them) I feel guilty. I always wanted to bring my sister with me when I travel but her responsibility as a mother and at work would not permit.

I have been hearing this phrase from people whenever I return from my trip, “You’re such a rich kid!” I always explain to them that I am not. I came from a very humble family. We live a very simple life. It’s just that to most Filipinos, travel is luxury. Yes, it is luxury if you stay in a hotel and spend a lot of your money just to enjoy your vacation.


Like most backpackers, I travel on a tight budget. I check all the possible means to get to my destination. I find the lowest fare, cheapest accommodation rate, affordable restaurants and anything to save money.

Imagine how could one enjoy the infamous Boracay with just less than Php 5,000 budget for 3 days and 2 nights, all-in? I did! I also went to La Union and enjoyed surfing for 3 days and 2 nights with just Php 3,000 budget.


My point is, when traveling, you need not to spend a fortune to enjoy your vacation. I encourage everyone to try backpacking. If you feel anxious about how to start and you have a lot of what if’s clouding your mind, it means your are sane. But worry no more, every backpacker, I suppose, went through the same anxiety when they started. There are articles, tips available online to help you. Research for it and make that dream come true!

Do you have any questions or comments regarding this article? Feel free to get in touch with me by leaving a comment here or you may send me an email at I’m also on Twitter. Please follow me @gladJAYtor. Enjoy your trip and keep safe!



  1. nice article jay, very informative…i got some tips from your blog and from other bloggers I’m following…tapusin ko lang mga dapat ko tapusin, and i hope to start my backpacking adventure..kasi i always travel with a group, never pa to be a backpacker alone…

    • Thank you! Appreciate your comment. 🙂
      The very reason why this blog exist is to encourage people to try backpacking. I know there’s a lot of people out there who wants to travel but have limited resources. I hope I could come up with more entries that are informative.

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