My Plea To You, My Dear Sagada!

Dear Sagada,

Greetings to your majestic beauty!

I am asking for apology for not visiting you sooner. I have been very busy with my work and have been settling down in my comfort zones in the bays where I can surf. I thought that getting to you will take me forever so I let myself get stoked somewhere near Manila as I only have the weekends to travel. I bet you get jealous because I keep coming to these towns where they cater me waves but with dark sands and no other spots to visit. I heard you bragged to those who visited you that you are far better than these towns I have visited because you offer better water falls, caves, landscapes and other things I won’t find anywhere in the country and in the world. Sagada, you are different!

Again, I am sorry because I did not believe those who have witnessed your beauty. I now have known what people keep talking about. Your grace is far more than what people can put into words as they run out of it and just utter superlatives when describing you. You might have casted a spell on them and now they’ve got enchanted! I would love to experience it myself! How I am dying to feel your breeze on my face, have a splash on your waters. I want to try spelunking on your caves. Take a dip on the waters coming from your falls. And to top it all off, I would want to see those hanging coffins, which you are best known for, with my bare eyes.

I am an adventurous man and I know what I want! I want to witness, feel, experience, and be enchanted with your beauty. No other destinations could offer as much as you can. One destination with full of adventures. I think Gaea once named you her happy place, her favorite place on Earth. The heavens must have poured down its beauty in you and the gods have had once a picnic, nature trekking, swam in your falls and made a summer getaway in your very backyard.

I want to stop dreaming and start marveling at your exquisiteness!


The Traveling GladJAYtor



The Battlefield Of Zapote

I was on my way to the bank yesterday when I happen to see these statues. I never thought I would find them near my area. This is located in Zapote, Bacoor, Cavite. Between the boundary of Las Pinas City and Bacoor. This landmark is called the Zapote Battlefield.




I forgot that Cavite played a vital role in the Philippine history.

I have realized that I have never been to the Aguinaldo Shrine. I once passed through it but never get to see the whole place. I suddenly had the urge to visit this historical place. It is such a shame that I live in Cavite yet I never visited this treasure that we, Filipinos, should be thankful for.

I organize a day trip to Kawit this coming Sunday with my friends who also live in Cavite.

FYI: Kawit is where the Philippine national flag was first raised and our independence was declared. Also, our first president, Emilio Aguinaldo, lived here.



1. You don’t need to go somewhere else just to find something interesting. Sometimes great views or subjects are just around us. It is just a matter of opening up our eyes to things that are worth recognizing/appreciating.

2. Some travelers(including me), tend to go to the farthest destination just so they can call themselves a wanderer without even considering the place where they live as the best destination. We should be proud of where we came from.

3. You don’t need to spend money to go places. Where you at is worth discovering.

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I have been out on the road for the past four weeks. I seldom get to talk to my family because of my work schedule. I work at night and they have a normal life.


While on the road or by the beach, these are the times when I contemplate on things about my life, my future, and my next destination. And recently, there are things that’s bothering me. I have been traveling spontaneously. No planning, no research, no budgeting, just carrying my backpack to nowhere. I think I need to slow down and plan more before hitting the road.

I think I need a cure. But the cure is still unknown.


So far I have not encountered any serious incidents during my travel but my savings have been used up. I have been told once by my dad to save up. I did for a while but squandered it to give in to my wanderlust need.

Everytime I pack my bags and the moment I ask permission from my family (for formality sake and sign of respect to them) I feel guilty. I always wanted to bring my sister with me when I travel but her responsibility as a mother and at work would not permit.

I have been hearing this phrase from people whenever I return from my trip, “You’re such a rich kid!” I always explain to them that I am not. I came from a very humble family. We live a very simple life. It’s just that to most Filipinos, travel is luxury. Yes, it is luxury if you stay in a hotel and spend a lot of your money just to enjoy your vacation.


Like most backpackers, I travel on a tight budget. I check all the possible means to get to my destination. I find the lowest fare, cheapest accommodation rate, affordable restaurants and anything to save money.

Imagine how could one enjoy the infamous Boracay with just less than Php 5,000 budget for 3 days and 2 nights, all-in? I did! I also went to La Union and enjoyed surfing for 3 days and 2 nights with just Php 3,000 budget.


My point is, when traveling, you need not to spend a fortune to enjoy your vacation. I encourage everyone to try backpacking. If you feel anxious about how to start and you have a lot of what if’s clouding your mind, it means your are sane. But worry no more, every backpacker, I suppose, went through the same anxiety when they started. There are articles, tips available online to help you. Research for it and make that dream come true!

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