Breathtaking Zambales

I was once asked by someone I met on the road during my backpacking adventure.

“What is your favorite place in the Philippines?” I answered, “Well, I haven’t been to many places around the Philippines, but so far with its scenic view which is breathtaking, it must be Zambales.


Recently I browse through my old pictures and some recent(delayed) uploads on Facebook from my friend who took pictures during our trip to Nagsasa Cove, I realized how beautiful this place is. This province has so much to offer. The fairy godmother of nature must have lived here once. With the beautiful falls, beaches, islands and rivers, no doubt that this place is one of the most visited place by tourists in Luzon. Distance-wise with only 2 to 3 hours from Manila the capital of the Philippines, most of the people from the city who would want to spend a vacation for the weekend would end up spending it here.


I have been to a few towns in Zambales. I have been to Subic free port and the town area, Pundaquit, San Antonio, and San Felipe. If you are into beaches and still get the city ambiance, Subic is the place to visit. The free-port area offers hotel accommodations, restaurants everywhere, mall, shops and bars. The accommodations are a bit pricey as compared to San Antonio and San Felipe.


If you want to island hop, hike, see some falls, and be in a not so crowded beach, Pundaquit is the place to be. This place is well-known to those who are into adventure. Most backpackers I know have visited this place. Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove, Capones Island are the most popular destinations in Zambales. I have only been to Nagsasa Cove and Capones Island. But I was not able to roam around the Capones Island.



For surfers and people who just want a laid back weekend and relax, I recommend San Felipe. Liw-Liwa beach in particular. This is a surfing spot and most surfers come here during the weekend. Like I said on my previous post, this is way better than La Union(which is overrated). Not crowded, long shoreline, laid back and friendly people. No internet signal here so you can really make the most of your break by spending your time totally on surfing, swimming, reading books and rest.



Accommodations in San Antonio and San Felipe are backpacker-friendly.


If you are traveling to this province, make sure you sit beside the window to your left. That’s where the most amazing views are. I really love this mountain/countryside view once you are on your way to San Antonio. Amazing and breathtaking!




Be wise when traveling. Always ask for a discount. It won’t hurt you trying.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding this article? Feel free to get in touch with me by leaving a comment here or you may send me an email at I’m also on Twitter. Please follow me @gladJAYtor. Your comment will be greatly appreciated! Enjoy your trip and keep safe!


3 thoughts on “Breathtaking Zambales

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  2. Hello sir. What’s the cheapest Zamba can offer? We were planning po sana of camp lang. Hope I can hear from you. Natuwa lang po talaga ako sa mga lugar na nakapost sa blog. 🙂
    God Bless!

    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you for reading my blog. Well, cheapest would be Liw-Liwa and Pundaquit. Pero if you want to go to a white sand beach, I recommend Potipot.

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