Spontaneity Brought Us To Baguio

*This is a late post, but I am posting it anyway!

It was still summer, May 23-24, 2012 to be exact. The planning took place on the 22nd, Tuesday when we ended our 4X11 shift. Me and my colleagues at work joked about going out of town. The weather was humid so we decided to go to Baguio. It was one of the most spontaneous travels I’ve ever done so far.No plans at all. We don’t know where to stay but all of us are familiar of this place. My last visit was way back 2009 though.

We, first, started looking for a place to stay in Baguio.
Good thing, internet is here and one click away you get the information you need. We decided to get a transient room since it’s much cheaper compare that of a hotel.

We gave ourselves time to rest that morning and pack our things and decided to leave Manila at midnight of the 23rd. The travel time was roughly six hours. I normally don’t sleep while I’m on the road. It was 6 o’clock in the morning when we arrived at the terminal in Baguio. Then tried the “Strawberry Taho”.


Sunrise, Baguio style


We decided to spend the morning in the at Camp John Hay to witness the sunrise. Then went to the public market to have our breakfast. It was really random because we don’t know where to eat. We made an agreement to try out foods that we normally don’t eat in Manila. So, we ate in a some sort of an eatery inside the public market. They serve, veggies and other exotic delicacies. We didn’t go extreme though. We stayed at what-we-know kind of foods. The foods were fresh. Especially the vegetables.

Got me curious what kind of food is this “Pinikpikan” like.

After the breakfast, we headed to a nearby McDonalds to get our dose of coffee. (We broke our roles)


We had a very odd set of breakfast. After the rice and veggies that we ate at the public market, we also had highland legumes “Mani” in Filipino, together with coffee.

After our breakfast we headed to Mine’s View. Took some pictures then went to Botanical Garden and of course took some more pictures.




With my two other co-backpackers, Dennis and Edith.

It was around 11 o’clock in the morning when we decided to find a transient place so we can freshen up and unload our backpacks before lunch time. We stumble upon a convention center, I think it was the World Trade Center in Baguio. There’s an event held in that place, so as part of our spontaneous travel (a no-itinerary travel), we went inside and checked the food convention as we saw it from the posters outside the building. It was an exhibit of different equipments, food carts, and anything that has something to do with food business. We didn’t stay long as we can’t really find anything to eat.

Outside the building a tour guide offered us a place to stay. The place was near the famous Fifty’s Diner. We settled our bills and rested for a while then freshen up before we had our lunch.

I forgot the name of the restaurant but the ambiance was great! And the food too! (Pose as if you are in a commercial)

After our lunch we went to The Strawberry Farm.

Some of the fruits they sell

We bought some goods like Baguio’s famous broom “walis tambo”, of course, strawberry, my favorite ube jam from Good Shepherd and wild berries.

This caught my attention. A shelf of wines. Naturally mixed!


We then decided to go back to the city. We had our dinner at Good Taste. I love the food here! When you visit Baguio and if you’re looking for a place to dine but on a tight budget, I personally recommend this place. No need to order for extra rice.




Look how big their servings.

One of my favorite place is Baguio. My first time to visit this place, I fell inlove and wanted to live there. Same feelings I had during my second time visiting the place. It’s like my second home!


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