Twenty-Eight Not-So-Interesting Facts About Me!


This was taken at University of Macau during our ten days mission trip to Macau. My first out of the country trip.


Almost a month from now, I will be celebrating my birthday and you should be able to guess how old I will be.

Here are some facts about me, you might wanna know:

1. I am a weirdo (I admit! And I think, it is obvious) one example, I don’t celebrate my birthday!
2. A self-proclaimed backpacker but has not done a lot of backpacking yet.
3. I am part of a Guinness Book of World Record set last September 2004. (Largest Human Rainbow)
4. My favorite dish is Sinigang na Bangus. (Mahilig sa sabaw)
5. I was caught for Jaywalking in Alabang but I was able to keep my record clean as I was able to escape from the traffic enforcer. (June 24, 2006)
6. My favorite subject back in elementary and high school was history.
7. When in grade school I prefer to listen or watch the news than watching cartoons!
8. I’ve been a silent rusher (The Morning Rush listener) since 2001 (93.9 days).
9. My dream job is to be a disc jockey(FM Radio) or a journalist. *I auditioned for Student DJ in 97.1 WLS FM back when they’re still playing cool music.
10. No one in my family knows that I tried drinking after my biatch girlfriend broke up with me! (but I already stopped drinking)
11. Some of my close friends call me “anti-social” but I tell them that I am more of an “anti-sosyal” kind of person.
12. My ideal age for marriage is 28. (Alam na!)
13. I don’t believe in ghost, zodiac sign, luck and other stupid ideas.
14. Two of my all-time favorite movies are Gladiator and 500 Days Of Summer. The latter tells my love story. Almost everything!
15. I love going to the beach. When I travel, I take pictures of the scenery and seldom take picture of myself. I only do it when I’m with my friends.
16. I hate rain! I love outdoor activities and seldom stays at home.  My favorite numbers are 8 and 38.
17. I love sweets! My favorite ice cream flavor is “Coffee Crumble”. I love banana split blizzard of Dairy Queen too!
18. The initials of my greatest love is J.P.A. 🙂 No name dropping (Baka lumaki pa lalo ang ulo nya.) –So high school.
19. I believe that most politicians in our country are corrupt!
20. The first time I get to watch a porn movie was in college. Late bloomer.
21. I hate cigarettes and its fume! Can I say SUPER HATE?! (I tried it way back in college but never liked it)
22. When in grade school, I represented my school in a quiz bee competition in our district (for History subject) and ended up only at rank 4. I’m also part of the varsity team (track and field).
23. When scolded by someone older– be it a family member or someone superior, like my boss (especially when I’m guilty), I just keep quiet and don’t answer back. Even if they were asking questions already or even if they’re not mad anymore.
24. When I was a kid, I used to believe that I have super powers.
25. I was never admitted to a hospital my entire life.
26. My longest relationship was with my first girlfriend. It lasted for more than 5 years. My shortest was about 2 weeks.
27. I hate mainstream! Anything popular is overrated! That’s my take.
28. I understand a little spanish. I speak English, Filipino and our dialect, Ilonggo.






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