The Dilemma Between iPad and Travel

I have been saving money for a couple of months now to get a new iPad for myself. As a struggling yuppie, saving has been my “Waterloo”. Everytime I have money on my account I would not let the day pass without spending it. I have this philosophy in life: “Don’t mind if you have no penny left for tomorrow as long as you enjoy life in the moment.” I would eat what I want no matter how expensive it is. I lavish on things I want even if I would have to borrow money from my friends until my next payday.

Being online nowadays is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get connected to your family and friends, but beyond that is the very reason why I want to acquire an iPad.

My spanish has been rustic since it has been almost three years the last time I attended my class. I left school at Nivel(Level) 2 when pressure on my previous work pressed me. Since then, I’ve been wanting to go back to school. My classmates who continued the course are already halfway to the end. They’re also using what they’ve learned at school and earning twice my salary. Imagine how much money I could have earned. I would be able to get all the gadgets I want, New iPad, Macbook Air, a DSLR, a waterproof camera, and get to travel around the country and eventually around the world. Also, I really want to help send my cousins to school. I have close relatives in the province who are less fortunate that are about to graduate in high school. I really want to send them to college. (But I have to save for them. I can’t afford to get all these in one payday.)

Last week, I spent my three days off at home doing nothing. The usual tv-internet-sleep-eat boring routine almost killed me. Being a wanderer, I’d rather be exhausted trekking or swimming than just lay on my bed and do nothing. I feel like I’m sick and disabled. So came weekends, I reported to work and the usual less work load bored me so my adventurer ego wants me to plan my next out-of-town trip. Malapascua island in Cebu had been my dream destination since I learned about the cliff diving. The adrenaline rush it would give me has been hunting me even in my dreams(I’m just exaggerating).

I really wanna try this cliff diving at Malapascua Island. One day I surely will.

The want to get to my dream destination has been increasing in the past few days. I could imagine myself on top of the cliff and about to jump with the feeling of excitement and thrill. But I only have a limited resources and I can’t have both. I am caught in the middle here. As the day approaches I have a 50/50 decision for iPad and Malapascua. But come Friday, I will have to decide whether I get an iPad or go to Malapascua.

I might have to settle for a short trip to Pagbilao or Tagaytay to feed my craving for travel. 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Dilemma Between iPad and Travel

  1. same here… my dilemma was music instrument or trekking. i chose to buy the instrument instead (a djembe) just when a friend offered to assemble one for me. the mountain will still be there, no matter how long it takes me to save up again. think opportunity… ’cause chances are, we are bound to get both eventually 😉

    good luck sayo!

    • Baki, I just came back from my very first trekking adventure. We went to Pico de Loro. Sobrang sarap pero sobrang sakit sa katawan din. I am looking forward to my next trekking adventure. Hope I could see other trekker here.

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