Disclaimer Of A Certified Blogger

I am making this entry to give heads up to those who will come across this blog. I want to inform you all that I am NOT a blogger or maybe I’m just a trying hard one. I admit that my lowest grade when in high school was in English (I’m not good at Math either. Because they say, if you’re good at English, then you’re not good at Math or the other way around. Well, that doesn’t work for me. You can tell, right?) You can surely tell that I have a very limited vocabulary in most of my entries. (If you have been reading my blogs) Undeniably, there would be tons of grammar lapses here and there!

But the very reason why I created this blog site is mainly not for grammar lessons but for me to somehow share my (free-flowing)thoughts to everyone. (seriously, Jay?) I am hoping that at least one of my entries could inspire the readers. Or one could learn a lesson or two from it.

I just feel like, I need to write! (seriously not!)


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