Feed Your Hunger On Independence Day

I want to feed my hunger for travel on independence day! Today, is my off and today is independence day too! What a coincedence. Another work week has just ended for me. And as I am about to get another three days off from work, I am on this very familiar situation I get myself into every week. Deciding-Which-Place-To-Go.


Mr. Google has always been my very help. I made several searches on the net but it made me even more confused as to which place to pick. As a newbie on this backpacking adventure, I have the hunger for travel(bigtime). I always want to go somewhere during my off from work. I have plans of going to places near Manila first until I get to the farthest island in the country.


So Corregidor is on top my bucket list. Based on what I have searched on the net, it seems like there is a monopoly on the tour to the island. There’s only one travel agency (Sun Cruises) who has tour packages to Corregidor(I’m not so sure though). The Corregidor Historical Walking Tour(which is the cheapest among the packages they offer) would cost you Php1,688.00. It includes a roundtrip ferry transfers; shrine, entrance and terminal fees; guided walking tour, packed lunch and tour kit.


It would’ve have been much cheaper if there are other agencies offering the same service(Please correct me if I’m wrong). Really, the cost for the ferry is quite expensive. The travel time would only take you about 30minutes so it shouldn’t be that pricey. I cannot tell if this package is expensive since I haven’t tried it yet. Will get back to this once I get decided and experience it myself.


But when I get rich, I will have my own travel agency that would offer a much cheaper packages for a tour to Corregidor especially for solo adventurers(if this is possible). So Sun Cruises you better watch your back! LOL

One thing is for sure though, I’m off to somewhere again today for another adventure!


The Dilemma Between iPad and Travel

I have been saving money for a couple of months now to get a new iPad for myself. As a struggling yuppie, saving has been my “Waterloo”. Everytime I have money on my account I would not let the day pass without spending it. I have this philosophy in life: “Don’t mind if you have no penny left for tomorrow as long as you enjoy life in the moment.” I would eat what I want no matter how expensive it is. I lavish on things I want even if I would have to borrow money from my friends until my next payday.

Being online nowadays is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get connected to your family and friends, but beyond that is the very reason why I want to acquire an iPad.

My spanish has been rustic since it has been almost three years the last time I attended my class. I left school at Nivel(Level) 2 when pressure on my previous work pressed me. Since then, I’ve been wanting to go back to school. My classmates who continued the course are already halfway to the end. They’re also using what they’ve learned at school and earning twice my salary. Imagine how much money I could have earned. I would be able to get all the gadgets I want, New iPad, Macbook Air, a DSLR, a waterproof camera, and get to travel around the country and eventually around the world. Also, I really want to help send my cousins to school. I have close relatives in the province who are less fortunate that are about to graduate in high school. I really want to send them to college. (But I have to save for them. I can’t afford to get all these in one payday.)

Last week, I spent my three days off at home doing nothing. The usual tv-internet-sleep-eat boring routine almost killed me. Being a wanderer, I’d rather be exhausted trekking or swimming than just lay on my bed and do nothing. I feel like I’m sick and disabled. So came weekends, I reported to work and the usual less work load bored me so my adventurer ego wants me to plan my next out-of-town trip. Malapascua island in Cebu had been my dream destination since I learned about the cliff diving. The adrenaline rush it would give me has been hunting me even in my dreams(I’m just exaggerating).

I really wanna try this cliff diving at Malapascua Island. One day I surely will.

The want to get to my dream destination has been increasing in the past few days. I could imagine myself on top of the cliff and about to jump with the feeling of excitement and thrill. But I only have a limited resources and I can’t have both. I am caught in the middle here. As the day approaches I have a 50/50 decision for iPad and Malapascua. But come Friday, I will have to decide whether I get an iPad or go to Malapascua.

I might have to settle for a short trip to Pagbilao or Tagaytay to feed my craving for travel. 🙂


In the past three consecutive weeks, I have been doing a spontaneous backpacking trip to different places. My first adventure was in Pagbilao, Quezon. The week after, I went to Baguio with my friends. Then last week, I had a sidetrip to Intramuros in Manila. Right now, as I’m about to get another three days off, I am currently planning for another backpacking adventure. I always have this planning thing a few hours before the trip. And deciding for which place to go to has always been my dilemma. I have plans of going to Corregidor island but the weather in the past few days have been outrageous. So I might pack my things again later for a trip to nowhere! I know, I’m not staying home. I MUST be somewhere on my rest day!

Here’s to more adventure!

My Very First Backpacking Adventure to Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon


My longing to get free from the polluted and busy streets of the metro has finally come to an end. I have been planning for months to get myself de-stressed and get connected to the nature once again(may ganun?). Last year has been a rough year for me. A lot of ups and downs(mostly were down moments) and I would say it was the worst year for me so far. I experienced the most painful break up ever(move on, Jay?). I never saw it coming(I would make a different blog for it, so enough details for now). I also transferred to another company which means I need to do some adjustments and adjustment for me means, stress and more stress! As mentioned on my previous blog “I’M A BACKPACKER BUT I’M NO DORA” I had several out-of-town plans but none of them come to past. So, in frustration, I ended up deciding going on a solo trip.


Just recently, my schedule at work changed(drastic change). From a mid shift, 8-hour and weekend offs, it was changed to an evening shift, 11 hours a day and weekdays off. I was on raged when I learned about my new schedule(I’m very rebellious in nature). But after a week of experiencing my new schedule, there was a sudden change of mind. I thought that there’s a lot of advantages on this kind of schedule. I realized that there would be enough time for me to do a lot of things like, going back to my spanish language class or even travel as I’ve been dreaming of.


I work on weekends and weekends are less work load for us. While I’m at work, I tried looking for places where I could go to as I am planning to do a backpacking on my upcoming off that week. I came across this blog of Dra. Jean Alcover and got inspired by her solo adventures. I then challenged myself to do the same. Thinking that if she could do it, I MUST be able to do it as well.

WHY TRAVEL ON TUESDAYS? (Sounds similar to Paul Xymon Garcia’s Why Travel Tuesday)

After making up my mind to take a break from work and isolate myself from the rest of the world, I decided to head down south to Pagbilao, Quezon. I have read good feedbacks about the white sand beach and the cave called Kwebang Lampas. The problem is, there’s no place to stay-in, in Pagbilao. I learned that there’s no resort/inn on that beach but camping on tent is allowed.


The problem is I do not have a tent. Mr. Google saved my day again. Sulit.com is very helpful. After work, I head back home and pack some things. On that same day, I bought my tent from an ad I saw on sulit.com then took a bus to Pagbilao which left the terminal in Cubao at around 2:40PM. The bus arrived at the Lucena Grand Central around 8PM. I wasn’t able to catch the last trip of minibus going to Unisan so I took the one going to Calauag and got off at Brgy. Isla Pulo-Crossing. From there, I took a tricycle going to the jump off to Kwebang Lampas then took a boat ride to cross the river. I have to camp out at the other side of the beach since I arrive there so late and the entrance to the beach was already closed. I was with the four kids of the boatman who happen to sleep there every night to watch for there bangka. The kids helped me set up my tent since I haven’t done this my entire life. Early next morning, two of the kids (JV & Jekjek)guided me as we trekked going to the beach. It took us about 10 minutes to get there. The gate was still closed when we arrived. There was one group who stayed overnight at the beach.


I set up my tent upon arriving, paid the entrance fee and ask a few questions with the new care taker(masungit si ate). I had a quicky breakfast. Then found myself soaked in the water. I feel so refreshed. I miss the feeling of staying under the water until the last oxygen left inside my system(I always do this everytime I’m on the beach). The kids stayed with me and they served as my guide. I asked them to accompany me inside the cave.They told me the reason why it’s called “Kwebang Lampas”. They said “Kasi po pagpasok mo sa kweba may labasan pa sa kabilang side.” (Lesson: You can also learn things from the young ones.) I wasn’t able to take pictures inside the cave since I don’t have a waterproof camera. I stayed in the water for almost three hours. Most of the times the sun is out but from time to time cloud would cover Mr. Sun. I had the chance to talk to the group who stayed there the other night. I learned that they’re also from Manila.


You can’t take a good pose. You can’t share your random thoughts to anyone. You can’t laugh out loud when something funny happened. You will be silent for most of the times while you’re on the trip. You look like a loser to other travellers & to the locals. Those are just some of the disadvantages when you travel alone. And I experienced them all in that misadventure to Pagbilao. On the other hand, there’s also a good side of going solo. First, you don’t have to always checked with anyone if they’re fine. Second, you don’t have to consult anyone for their opinion. You can delay the travel time or go early, take any routes and many more reasons.


I planned to stay for another night at the beach since I still have two more days off. But I ran out of food so quickly, plus with the realization (of the cons) that I had about going on a solo trip made me think of going home already. The group (who stayed the other night on the beach) has decided to go home since that was the original plan that they had. Though one of them was thinking of staying but the majority wants him to go home with them. Majority wins! I asked the caretaker to look after my tent since there were still some other groups in the beach. I come along with them as I was planning to get some foods for my overnight stay (to save money for the boat ride). Transportation in that area was really the drawback for the beach goers. Just imagine a boat ride of about 5-10 minutes to get to the other side of the beach would cost Php250.(Another disadvantage for a solo goer). While waiting for a tricycle to take us to the bus terminal, I was having second thoughts of staying. I had a sudden change of mind. I wanna go home. I don’t wanna spend another Php250 for the boat ride and additional Php300 (the fare for the tricycle ride to get to the crossing area where you could ride a bus to Lucena Grand Central). Maybe I just feel home sick. Maybe I just miss my friends company. So I asked them to wait for me. I went back to the beach to pick up my things.

So, I went home with my new friends that I met on the road. It was one of the most unforgetable adventures I had(so far). I felt like I had acomplished a lot since I went back home. I felt so brave since I had enough courage to travel all alone. Many lessons learned. I was able to reflect while on the road, while under the water. I feel so renewed! I feel like I’m never the same person!

Disclaimer Of A Certified Blogger

I am making this entry to give heads up to those who will come across this blog. I want to inform you all that I am NOT a blogger or maybe I’m just a trying hard one. I admit that my lowest grade when in high school was in English (I’m not good at Math either. Because they say, if you’re good at English, then you’re not good at Math or the other way around. Well, that doesn’t work for me. You can tell, right?) You can surely tell that I have a very limited vocabulary in most of my entries. (If you have been reading my blogs) Undeniably, there would be tons of grammar lapses here and there!

But the very reason why I created this blog site is mainly not for grammar lessons but for me to somehow share my (free-flowing)thoughts to everyone. (seriously, Jay?) I am hoping that at least one of my entries could inspire the readers. Or one could learn a lesson or two from it.

I just feel like, I need to write! (seriously not!)