Reasons Why This Blog Exist?

“Negatron vs. Mr. Brightside”

I have this long debate in mind before creating this blog. The “Negatron” side of me is telling me not to create a blog since there’s already millions of blogs and there’s no reason to flood more the internet with non-sense, no brainy articles. He (my negatron ego) told me that I am not good at writing articles. The other side, “Mr. Brightside”, however, is telling me that I should, because I have a lot of things to write about and that I can inspire millions of people with my free-flowing thoughts πŸ™‚ (self-declared). He even told me that I need to create this blog which will focus more on budget traveling.

The Battle continues…

Negatron, of course, had a rebuttal. He said that I won’t make it because I don’t have the luxury of time to waste on this stupid thing since I work eleven hours a day and that there’s nothing there for me. He even made me ask myself, “What’s in it for me?” He reminded me that my lowest grade when I was in high school was in English. He further explain that if I would make a blog written in Filipino, it would limit my readers. The “millions” would be cut down to thousands or lesser. Mr. Brightside wouldn’t let me down. He enumerated more reasons to push my plan to create this blog.

Here’s what Mr. Brightside has to say:
-I won in an essay writing competation when I was in high school (1st place)
-I can always use Google to research on anything so I may sound knowledgeable (pagGoogle-lan ng time).
-This can help me improve my writing skills or I could practice more on writing
-I can brag about my travel adventures to my friends(The yabang side of me–I don’t think this is positive) πŸ™‚
-Those who’s native tounges aren’t Filipino, they can always do the Google Translate or leave a comment to ask other readers or me to translate the non-english words or phrase for them.
-I can use this blog as a credential to my dream job
-I will have another reason to travel and that is to add my adventure into this blog

He enumerated more reasons but I fell asleep… Even in my dreams, he continued enumrating more reasons which inspired me even more. He said that I might meet my future wife here because she will accidentally read one of my inspiring blogs. (wink)

When I woke up, I have this smile on my face and I feel so inspired to write. Immediately, I was able to write a short poem about a place I’ve been dreaming of visiting. And as they say, the rest is history.


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