It has been my dream to travel around the country. See the beautiful places, faces and even the different culture that every island has. So far, I have been to some places like, Subic, Baguio, Pililia, Bulacan, Bataan, Roxas City, Pagbilao and of course to my hometown, Masbate–just to name a few(Naks! akala mo naman nakapunta na talaga sa maraming lugar, few kasi few pa lang talaga napuntahan ko so far).

Last year, me and my friends had about five or more planned out-of-town trips, but all (as in ALL) of them were cancelled. How disappointing it is to learn that a suppose-to-be exciting trip has been cancelled. Disappointed is my last name! My most recent disappointment was a month ago. My friends from my previous company have invited me to a Puerto Galera getaway. It was planned way ahead, as early as January or February. The moment I received the invite, I filed the leave right away. I was so excited because I have been imprisoned in the dusty streets of Manila for almost a year already. I even tried working out to gain some muscles because I know I will have to show off some skin on the beach.(LMAO) So, came April, two weeks prior to the said date, they were asking for confirmation from us. Everyone is excited. Days past and only a few days left when I received a text message coming from one of the organizers saying “Jay, sorry, di tayo tuloy. There have been conflicts with the schedule. So Puerto is cancelled!” Wow! Seriously?! What the?! How in this freaking world a 3-month-planned trip get cancelled?!

They’ve laid down their excuses but I paid no attention to it. They even tried to orchestrate a spa bonding but that’s not what I want to do. Besides you can’t stay there (spa) and get the massage and all the perks for three days.


With all the frustrations and disappointments I had from the previous plans, a very wild and crazy idea came to mind. BACKPACKING. I have been considering doing this for some time but it is just too outrageous and an out of norm type of travelling. Besides, I haven’t been to any place alone

. I remember telling a friend that I have plans of going to a place all by myself and the response I got was not favorable. She discouraged me to do so. I know that she’s just being concerned about me. I told my other friend about it and he just commented “Anti-social”. Only a few good feedbacks I received from my friends but most of them were discouragements. I don’t have to enumerate the reasons why most people don’t want to go on a solo trip.

Anyway, so here I come, kating-kati na ang mga paa ko at gusto ko ng gumala since I had no out of town trips since May of last year. I feel exhausted and stressed at work plus I haven’t moved on completely from my recent heartbreak so I need to isolate myself, maybe soul searching or whatsoever you call it. I promised to treat myself for an out of town trip whether I’m alone or with friends.


But a lot of things should be put into consideration when doing a backpack trip. The long list of what if’s bubbled my head and countless searches in the internet to get some ideas on what to do and to answer all my what if questions.

Here are some of my worries:

***Budget- How much money do I need? Money has been my struggle since I graduated from college, I have been independent since then. I work in a BPO industry but my salary is just enough to sustain my “pasosyal” lifestyle.

***Hotel/Inn- Where to stay and which hotel is less expensive? For places like Anawangin and Pagbilao where there are no resort to stay in, is it safe to camp out in those places? What are the chances of getting killed(morbid)?

***Place/site- How to get there, which transportation mode do I need to take, where to ride and get off, etc.

***Food- I am picky when it comes to food. Just a bit.

It could have been easier and better if I have Doraemon with me when I travel so if I need something I could ask him to get something from his kangaroo pocket. I just hope I have friends like Dora, who’s always with her in every single adventure she has so I would never feel lonely again when I’m on the road.

All these worries have been the drawbacks in fulfulling my dreams. But I already have taken off from the ground of worries that keeps me from flying. My jump start was such a success that I felt so free after coming home from my very first backpacking adventure.


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