22 04 2013

I’m pretty sure every beach-goer in the Philippines has heard of this island. Powdery white sand beach, unspoiled and is comparable to that of Boracay minus the hotels, restaurants and bars. But the beauty of this paradise leaves one breathless and amazed.
The island welcomes its guests by the turquoise water and fine white sand upon arrival. It makes one realize that “the world is meant to be explored and its beauty is to be admired!”



There’s more to sand, salt and sea in Calaguas.
If you are into hiking, you can witness the sunrise at one of the hills of approximately 200 meters above sea level near the beach. Not only the sunrise and sunset that makes one in awe of its beauty, it also gives you a 360-degree view of the island which let you see the neighboring islands too.

20130422-124940.jpgThe view of sunrise from the mountain top.

20130422-125134.jpg Witnessing sunset by the beach.

Sunset is best experienced by the beach. Just take a moment, sit on the sand while you stare at the sun as it dives into the west until it turns the whole horizon into different colors of pale orange, red and yellow.



Things To Do In Calaguas
-Bring your goggles: Snorkeling on a crystal clear water is very tempting.
-Don’t forget your sunblock: Swimming on a turquoise water is like no other.
-Condition your muscles: Trekking to the mountains is best in the morning for sunrise viewing.
-Camping: Bring your own tent or rent from the locals. No hotel accommodation in the island.
-Jogging: You can start your day by jogging barefooted by the beach just like what my friend did.
-Photo shoot: The beach as your background will get you more likes on Facebook. Also ideal for group pictures.
-*Frisbee: Just bring your own frisbee then ask your friends to play with you.
-*Beach Volleyball: The net is waiting. Just bring your volleyball and ask other campers to play with you.
-*Skim boarding: Waves are ideal for this sport. Again, bring your own equipment.


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4 responses

22 04 2013

I have heard of this Island it is beautiful

22 04 2013

It is beautiful, indeed! :)

20 06 2013

Oh my god, these views are heavenly!

20 06 2013

Thanks Andrea!

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